About Symphony International F.Z.E

The operation dates back 2011, when experts from the same field, filled with vision and enthusiasm, thought to do out of the box and follow own dreams. The group started to indulge in acquiring knowledge through experience and observation. The group branded them as Automaton Middle East & Engineering (AutoMEn).

In early 2017, the AutoMEn decided to take more people on board and mobilize vision in verticals of the business and eventually formed Symphony International FZE. Symphony has people on board with knowledge and experience of wide range of industries and machinaries.


  • Provide solutions and improvements to Factory and Process by utilizing best practices in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Controls.
  • Supply and Maintenance of Electrical, Electronics & Control parts of Factory and Process plants on customer demands.
  • After sales Service and Repairing.
  • Integration of various control system on common platform.
  • Provide training to customers, end users on products from our portfolio.
  • Provide consultancy, assistance to keep track of technology building, process key factory & asset improvement.


  • One Stop solution for all factory and process control needs
  • Products supply with Service and know-how knowledge
  • Onsite installation & commissioning support
  • Free of cost problem analysis and proposal
  • Low cost-Adequate reliability to Optimum cost-High reliability solutions

Our Strategic Purpose

Our purpose follow leading design and engineering.


We strive to make the environment better for our customers and end users, keeping focus on Safety, Efficiency, Effectiveness and Greenery.We want to create the work a better part of human life in all dimensions.

We want to achieve highest satisfaction internally and externally by creating highest value from investment of our customers.


We work towards integrated approach, continuous improvement, creating innovative environment and competency building through progress in science and technology, but preserving human values.


  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Focus

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